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Care for Tenants

A tenant-first mindset: Satisfaction, safety and peace of mind

We operate by a ”tenant-first” mindset. Your tenants’ satisfaction, safety and peace of mind dictate our renovation process—we aim to maximize your tenants’ comfort through the duration of the renovation.

Our teams prioritize tenant satisfaction for a seamless occupied renovation from start to finish.

Your tenants are happy. You maintain your revenue stream.

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In the past, our crews have not only satisfied clients, but fostered lasting friendships. Often, the tenants have even left cookies out waiting for our crews, or they’ve thrown parties at the end of a project. We do more than minimize disturbance to your tenants—we aim to be fully transparent and answer any questions at every step of the way.

Most importantly to you, though, client satisfaction plays a big part in making the project easier and more efficient.

Transparency and open communication

Our work is planned carefully so that our unit-by-unit renovation is as non-invasive as possible. We personally notify each tenant both a week and 48 hours prior to the day we will be working on their apartment.

This is not a bulletin or a blanket announcement—one of our crew members will hand-deliver the notices to each individual tenant. At that time, we will answer all questions the resident may have, and fully explain how they can prepare for the renovation work.

We’ll also ask how we can make the process easiest for them. Would they like us to start bright and early at 7 a.m., or would they rather we arrive at 9? Or, if a certain day doesn’t work for them, we can re-work our schedule to work on another tenants’ unit that day. We aim to make this process as simple and pain-free as possible for both you and your tenants.

Putting tenant safety above all else

Apartment renovations can be dangerous environments, especially during mold or asbestos removal, and where heavy equipment and cords are used.

We keep walkways and workspaces free of debris and potentially dangerous materials. During environmental remediation, we often establish negative pressure airlocks and dispose of dangerous materials in sealed containers. We avoid falls by taping extension cords to the floor. We leave spaces clean using HEPA vacuums.

We are committed to keeping your tenants’ living spaces clean and safe throughout the entirety of the renovation project. And we clean up completely, meaning that when your tenant arrives in the evening, they won’t even know we were there, except for the renovations.

”Leave the unit cleaner than when you found it.”

At Schemel Companies, this is more than just an old saying—it’s our mode of operation. After working on a unit, we remove stickers from windows, vacuum cabinets and wipe down all surfaces from doors to counters to sinks.

Each unit is clean and ready-to-use by the end of the day. Many times, it’s cleaner than when the tenant left that morning.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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