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Design and Planning

Beyond design build: The Schemel Companies design and planning process for occupied renovations

We’re far from your traditional contractor. And although we like to plan side-by-side with the property owners and designers from start to finish, we’re not a design-build firm.

We don’t subscribe to traditional design processes—we’ve created our own cost-and time-effective process for occupied apartment building renovations. Our unit-by-unit and day-by-day process allows us to cut down on labor costs, save you money and work on repairs and renovations while your building is occupied.

At Schemel Companies, we’re paving our own way through meticulous planning, cost-effective processes and immense respect for your budget and time.

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Why a tenant-first mindset matters

Because your tenants will be present for the duration of the renovation, maintaining their satisfaction is paramount to the success of the project. Our team works hard to promote tenant safety and transparency in communication.

Basically, we subscribe to a ”tenant-first” mindset and a ”cleaner-than-when-you-found-it” mode of operation. To learn more about how we ensure tenant satisfaction and safety, click here.

Our on-time-on-budget process

We respect your budget and we respect your time. It’s why we scrapped the traditional lines of thinking (i.e., general contracting and design-build) and created our own occupied renovation process. Our signature assembly-line renovation process allows us to minimize labor costs and maximize value. Plus, our expertise allows us to guide you toward the right materials and designs to get the most out of your renovation or modernization project.

From the start, we guide you toward the right materials for your multi-family building and help you navigate building parameters such as ADA modifications, environmental remediation regulations and building codes.

We will complete work in waves. For instance, we might renovate six apartment kitchens in one day, then move onto the next six the following day. When all the kitchens are completed, we might move on to flooring. And, despite the fact that your building will be occupied, we move at a blistering pace—we’ve been known to complete 50 kitchens for an occupied building in just two weeks.

Quality is also top-of-mind for the Schemel Companies team. Our superintendents will do a walkthrough at the end of every work day to ensure all our work is of the highest caliber.

At the end of the day, we have to live up to your standards of quality, which is why we welcome inspections by you, your architect, your engineer and whoever else you’d like to bring. Your satisfaction is our top priority. To learn more about how we stay on time and on budget, click here.

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