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On Time, On Budget

On budget, on time contractors: How Schemel Tarrillion lowers apartment construction costs

Traditionally, full-scale apartment renovations require you to take your building offline and lose out on rent income for months. Sometimes years.

Schemel Companies (link to about us) does not abide by tradition. We are rethinking the traditional apartment renovation process, working to lower apartment construction costs and beat deadlines.

You take your budget and timeline seriously.

So do we.

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Here’s how.

On time contractors use intentional planning

Before the project even begins, we work to ensure that that everything will run smoothly. We want every nut and bolt in place before we begin work.

In the past, we’ve set up warehouses near our bigger jobs. This reduces downtime by ensuring everything is close at hand when needed. When feasible, we’ll pre-assemble components before we arrive on-site. Each morning, we pack our trucks in reverse order of when we need it, so that the materials we’ll need at the end of the day are at the back of the truck. All in a day’s work for an on time contractor.

During the workday, we’ll tackle multiple units at once using an assembly line process. We start work in the morning whenever your tenant prefers to wake up—whether that’s 7 or 9 a.m.—and conduct any necessary demolition before dividing tasks amongst the team.

Similar to a factory’s assembly line manufacturing process, each team member will have a specific task they will be completing throughout the day. Rather than having to re-calibrate to new tasks every few hours, this allows each team member to do their work comprehensively and quickly. This streamlined process not only cuts down on labor, but it also saves you money on the apartment construction costs.

Quality control is integral to the Schemel Companies process. At the end of each day, our superintendent will walk through each unit to ensure there aren’t any leaks, verify that windows are properly caulked and even double check door installations. At the end of every project, they will conduct another walkthrough with you—the owners—as well as any architects, engineers or inspectors you’d like to bring along. We will immediately make any necessary repairs right then.

That’s how we stay on time and on budget for every project.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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