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Our Process

Our building construction process: Efficient and affordable occupied renovations

Here’s the traditional line of thinking: Large-scale renovations take months, sometimes years. And you have to relocate your tenants, losing your revenue stream. They’re expensive and stressful. There has to be a better way.


We’ll explain by telling you a story

An apartment manager comes to us with a predicament. His multi-family apartment complex is well-maintained, structurally. But it’s outdated. Carpets in bathrooms, appliances from the 1950s, maybe a little mold damage. He wants to modernize his apartment, but doesn’t want to take his apartment building offline and lose the revenue from rent.

We specialize in solving this problem. We have the ability to renovate occupied buildings. And, with our signature assembly-line building construction process, we are able to cut down on labor costs as well. You maintain your rent revenue and save money by using our apartment construction process.

If you don’t think process matters, consider this:

Other contractors take months—or years—to complete large-scale renovations.

We take weeks.

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Here’s what it’s like to work with Schemel Companies on your large-scale occupied renovation:

Tight schedules, transparent budgets

We perform renovations in waves. This means we’ll spend one week going through and updating all kitchens and the next week replacing the flooring and so on.

This takes planning. We even pack our trucks in reverse order of what we’ll need so we don’t waste a minute of your time during the apartment construction process. Then, our crews—all of which are trained in multiple trades—will work together on the demolition before splitting up the remaining tasks with assembly line precision.

During kitchen renovations, we’ll have one crew member ripping out all the cabinets in each unit with another crew member coming in right behind him to install the new cabinets. We pride ourselves on quick renovations, and it’s why we offer you a lower price tag than other contractors can.

We are able to offer lower renovation costs through assembly line efficiency and a respect for your bottom line.

Respect for tenants

We understand that we are working in your tenants’ living spaces. This means we need to be respectful of their schedules, belongings and homes throughout the entire building construction process.

We personally notify your tenants one week before we work on their specific unit and again 48 hours before, answering any and all questions. We even ask what time they’d prefer to wake up. If it’s 7 a.m., we start bright and early. If it’s not until 9 a.m., we’ll work on someone else’s unit first.

We start in the morning and by the time the tenant arrives home that evening, their apartment is ready to live in, and often cleaner than when they left.

In past projects, our crews have become good friends with tenants. That’s how well we treat employees and tenants.

Multiple waves of quality control

We encourage client inspections. Bring your architect. Bring your engineer. We’re confident you’ll like what you see—our superintendents check quality control at the end of each day and each of our employees takes the motto, ”Leave the job site cleaner than when you arrived,” seriously.

We stand behind our work and, at the end of the day, we need to live up to your expectations.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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