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We perform occupied residential contracting on time and on budget

Not all residential contractors are built the same. Traditionally, residential building contractors need a building to be completely vacated before they can begin any services. Traditionally, they simply serve as a contract manager, outsourcing everything to other electricians, plumbers, carpenters and flooring specialists. Traditionally, residential contractors can take months—or even years—before you see the finished product.

There has to be a better way to modernize, renovate or remediate your apartment building.

Schemel Companies is not your traditional residential contractor.

We perform occupied residential renovations. On time. And on budget.

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You know how the traditional residential contracting method works. Here’s how ours is better.

We start by writing efficiency into the residential contracting plan

Time is money. That’s why we developed an occupied renovation process that minimizes the time a project takes. We’ve been known to finish 50 apartment kitchen remodels in just two weeks with a crew of six.

To do this, we operated with an on-time-on-budget attitude. We worked closely with the apartment building owner to determine the renovation needs. We picked out the best materials. We planned the job to a tee, from notifying tenants which days we would be working on their particular units to installing the new kitchens with machine-like efficiency. Proper planning minimizes labor costs, maximizes value and puts your tenants at ease.

Completing large-scale residential contracting with assembly line precision

Each of our employees is trained in multiple trades, meaning we can perform all your renovation needs—flooring, electrical, plumbing, lead abatement—with one small team. This reduces the project timeline, as there’s no downtime after the electrician is finished and before the flooring pro starts. The moment our crew finishes one task, we’re gearing up and ready for the next one. It just makes sense.

And, because of our efficient assembly line approach, we are able to complete parts of your project between the time your tenant wakes up in the morning and the time they return in the evening. This means there is no need to relocate your tenant—you can continue collecting rent throughout the duration of the project. Plus, we take many precautions to ensure our team does not disturb your tenants.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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