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Our Standards

Our standards for occupied renovations: Processes streamlined, costs minimized, tenants pleased

At Schemel Companies, our process is innovative and our standards are high. Precision and skill are the name of the game—it’s the reason why we’re able to work at a pace of 50 apartment kitchens in two weeks with a six-person team.

We invite client inspections at every step of the occupied apartment building renovation—it’s easy to invite scrutiny when you set such high standards for your materials, employees and work.

From planning to project completion, we will maintain open communication and, of course, deliver results.

Complete client satisfaction from project start to finish.

That’s our standard.

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Before the occupied renovation: Planning for success

Planning is integral to the overall success of the project. Rushing into a large-scale renovation—especially an occupied one—will doom the project from the start. We will work with you to determine a budget and timeline for your occupied renovation. And we will stick to it. We will not only work closely with you, but also your tenants, to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

We are well aware that we are working not just in ”units,” but your tenants’ homes. With that in mind, we make establishing positive tenant-crew relationships a priority. To this end, we personally deliver notices to each tenant rather than posting bulletins or making blanket announcements. This dually allows us to answer all questions and determine when your tenant would like us to arrive—we don’t want to bang on a tenant’s door at 7 a.m. if they don’t want us there until 9.

We will explain to them that we will conduct their apartment’s renovations during the day, and they will usually be able to return by evening.

To learn more about how we prioritize tenant satisfaction, click here

During the project: Pride in the work, efficiency in the process, value in the results

We hire only workers who embrace the value of hard work and take pride in delivering value to our clients. The high standards we have in hiring are reflected in the quality of our occupied renovations—it’s that simple.

We are firm believers that if we treat our employees right, they will treat you right. By working hard. By working efficiently. By kindly addressing any of your tenant’s concerns comprehensively and quickly. Our streamlined processes just wouldn’t work without our hardworking team of multi-trade experts on board.

And our team’s ”cleaner-than-you-found-it” approach to cleanup means that when your tenants arrive back home in the evening, their apartment will be nicer than they left it. Plus, their new kitchen, bathroom or flooring will be finished and ready to use.

Our process doesn’t waste any time, and it doesn’t waste any money. We are able to work quickly because our team is qualified to perform every exterior and interior renovation need you might have. And our assembly line process allows us to perform renovations without relocating any tenants.

Our process, standards and line of thinking just make sense. To learn more about the value-added benefit of the Schemel Companies process, click here.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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