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Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation services for occupied apartment buildings

There are three primary environmental remediation services that impact occupied apartment building renovations: mold, lead and asbestos removal.

Environmental contracting is heavily regulated by agencies such as the EPA, HUD and OSHA. These regulations are intended to promote the safety of residents, workers and the environments from the harmful effects of radioactive or otherwise harmful substances.

At Schemel Companies, we specialize in environmental remediation services for occupied apartment buildings. This, of course, requires special precautions and procedures to ensure you and your residents remain safe from the material we are abating, removing or covering.

In some cases, this requires establishing an airlock on the unit we’re working on. In other cases, it simply requires using wetting agents and cleaning up properly. No matter which hazardous material we are removing, you can be sure that we are using industry best practices, and that we have proper insurance and bonding coverage.

Plus, Schemel Companies’s unique process—and the fact that our employees are trained and certified in many trades—allows us to perform not only your environmental contracting needs, but all your renovation needs large and small. And we can do it without relocating your tenants.

Environmental remediation is key to keeping your tenants safe.

We’ll remove harmful substances at the same time as your occupied renovation.

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Environmental contracting for mold removal

Environmental remediation involving mold removal requires both care and experience, no matter the severity of the mold problem. In most cases, to ensure the safety of you and your tenants, we must set up a negative pressure airlock and carefully dispose of all mold using sealed containers. Nevertheless, our process and experience mean we have the capability to remove mold while your apartment building is occupied.

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Environmental remediation companies for lead abatement

If your apartment building was built before 1978, the chances that lead exists somewhere in your building are high. During any type of renovation, it is important to use a contractor who has experience in lead abatement in accordance with the rules and regulations handed down from the EPA and OSHA.

We are experienced not only in lead abatement, but also in safely performing lead paint removal in occupied apartment buildings.

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Environmental remediation contractors for asbestos removal

Asbestos abatement must be properly conducted according to rules set by the EPA and OSHA for the safety of workers and tenants, especially during occupied renovations. We have the capability to perform large-scale occupied apartment renovations simultaneously with asbestos removal, without hiring subcontractors. This process saves you time, money and hassle.

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