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Asbestos Removal

The importance of asbestos abatement during demolition and renovation

In recent years, the carcinogenic effects of asbestos—a common building material—have been discovered and the use of asbestos has been increasingly regulated by agencies such as OSHA and the EPA.

If asbestos abatement—the process by which asbestos is removed or its effects mitigated—is done incorrectly, microscopic particles are released into the air which can cause harmful lung conditions such as cancer.

That’s why the Schemel Companies team takes asbestos removal services seriously during any demolition or renovation.

Due to its fire retardant and insulative attributes, asbestos had widespread use in building materials prior to the 1970s, before its carcinogenic effects were discovered. As such, great care must be taken when renovating buildings built before 1968. Proper asbestos abatement reduces the health risks to workers and tenants alike.

Asbestos and asbestos containing materials (ACM) are heavily regulated, and must be removed—or their effects lessened—prior to any demolition or renovation. ACMs can include everything from floor tiles to attic insulation to air ducts.

Asbestos removal services are crucial to the health of your tenants.

Our employees are trained not only in asbestos abatement, but also every kind of residential renovation.

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When you’re performing large-scale renovations—such as modernizing an apartment building—it can save you money to hire an asbestos removal company that can also perform the actual renovations.

Our crews are trained in multiple trades—the crewmember who lays your new tile also has the proper certifications to perform ACM removal from your old tile—which cuts down on asbestos removal costs. This process just makes sense—it eliminates the need for subcontractors and saves you time and expense, especially when compared with other asbestos removal companies.

Safety is also top-of-mind during all asbestos removal services. With asbestos and all other hazardous materials, the Schemel Companies team will make all necessary precautions to assure the health and safety of your tenants. We ensure you and your tenants never come into contact with asbestos by using negative pressure enclosures and wetting agents. We are invested your health and the health of your tenants from start to finish, all while reducing asbestos removal costs.

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