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Lead Based Paint Removal

Lead paint removal during apartment renovations: Considerations for tenant safety

Lead exposure can be deadly, causing serious damage to the kidneys, liver, reproductive system and brain. If your apartment complex was built before 1978, it is highly likely that lead is present somewhere in your facility.

Generally, lead paint is not dangerous except when it chips, or when disturbed during renovations. There are, therefore, stringent regulations handed down from organizations like the EPA, HUD and OSHA surrounding the renovation of facilities built prior to the 1980s.

Rules are especially strict for lead-based paint removal during renovations in occupied facilities—that’s why Schemel Companies is so careful during their occupied renovations. We understand lead abatement procedures, as well as the safety regulations stipulated in the EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program.

During every step of your renovation, we will take precautions to ensure you and your tenants remain safe from the deadly effects of lead poisoning.

Was your apartment complex built before 1978?

You’ll need to hire a large-scale renovation contractor experienced in safe lead paint removal procedures. 

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Lead abatement and other ways to mitigate the risks of lead poisoning

Not all renovation procedures require complete lead paint removal. If, however, you are planning on a renovation that will disturb lead based paint, safety becomes a key concern.

The EPA’s guide to Small Entity Compliance will help you determine which rules and regulations apply to your facility based on when your apartment complex was built. In some cases, for example, it might make sense to follow certain safety procedures, but not necessarily a full lead based paint removal.

The EPA’s guide offers both lead abatement—which permanently eliminates the risk of lead poisoning—as well as simply mitigating the risks as options during occupied renovations. Emergency lead abatement is not regulated by the EPA’s RRP program, but still must be properly cleaned up according to regulation.

While complete lead paint removal costs more, it is the only way to completely protect yourself and your tenants from lead poisoning. Therefore, some cases, lead paint removal cost is more than justified.

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