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Mold Remediation

Preventing illness and structural damage through mold remediation services

Mold spores are an unavoidable part of the environment. Mold growth, however, poses serious structural risks for your facility as well as health risks for your tenants or employees. And since it doesn't grow on surfaces until extreme moisture is present, once you spot mold growth, you need to call for mold remediation services immediately.

Left unattended, mold will destroy the surface on which it grows, which can metastasize into extreme structural damage throughout your multi-family complex. If you have tenants living in the building, you should know that mold can cause illnesses such as dermatitis, or aggravate asthma and other respiratory diseases, especially in the old and very young.

At Schemel Companies, our large-scale renovation experts are able to treat mold growth at its source, stopping future problems. Plus, with our non-invasive mold remediation process, your tenants will often be able to come home by evening.

Here’s how.

Our team plans carefully, working around your tenants’ schedules. We’ll arrive in uniform, perform the necessary mold remediation services and clean up at the end of the work day. Your tenants or employees can usually return by evening. It’s that simple.

Plus, our signature assembly line process cuts down on labor costs, a savings that gets passed along to you.

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Your tenants will often be able to come home by evening.

We perform mold remediation services quickly and for less.

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The EPA separates mold growth into four categories based on severity. Our team has specialty training in how to treat all four. For more information mold levels, view the EPA’s guide on mold.

Level I mold remediation services

Level I mold growth is the least severe, usually taking up 10 square feet or less. This is the only category which the EPA says is safe for DIY removal techniques. They recommend calling in the professionals for any mold growth larger than 10 square feet, or for growth that isn’t contained in one area.

Still, they recommend you abide by OSHA standards and quarantine the area from those not using respirators, eye protection and gloves. Mold of any variety is still severe and care should be taken during removal.

Our team can make your apartment complex a safer place to live by removing all levels of mold growth.

Level II mold remediation companies

Level II mold growths usually range in size from 10 to 30 square feet. The EPA recommends using a polyethylene sheet to protect unaffected areas of an apartment from contamination.

Our team of mold remediation experts will guide you through Level II removal.

Level III mold remediation services

Usually 30 to 100 square feet in size, Level III mold growth must be performed only by a professional mold remediation company such as Schemel Companies. Level III mold removal requires sealing off the affected area and vacating surrounding rooms in addition to the measures described in the Level I and II sections.

We’ll coordinate the necessary Level III mold remediation services so as not to inconvenience your tenants.

Level IV mold remediation cost

Level IV mold is very serious. Our crews must be dressed in protective gear and HEPA respirators at all time. Special precautions, including a decontamination area, must be taken in order to ensure both your safety, and the safety of our team. Often, Level IV mold removal requires completely sealing off the affected area using a negative pressure lock.

Our process, however, will help to mitigate Level IV mold remedial costs through efficiency and experience.

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