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The unit-by-unit renovation contractors for multi-family housing

Other renovation contractors require your building to be unoccupied before beginning residential or commercial remodeling such as in apartment buildings. Beyond just losing the revenue stream from rent, the traditional method of renovating can take months—or years—for large-scale buildings.

Schemel Companies operates by the notion that apartment building renovations don’t have to cost a fortune.

You won’t even have to relocate your tenants.

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Our unique process allows us to lower labor costs for large residential and commercial remodeling process by shortening timelines. Essentially, our process is not only faster—it saves you money when compared with other renovation companies.

Plus, our assembly-line process allows us to minimize disturbance to tenants, meaning the building can remain occupied throughout the entirety of the commercial remodeling or modernization project. We have, in fact, completed 50 kitchen remodels in just two weeks while the apartment building was occupied.

Here are some of the services our experienced renovation contractors can provide for your building:

Interior renovation and remodeling

As your apartment building ages, you will need to renovate and modernize your building to maintain its appeal to prospective residents. Plus, a newly renovated building can give you a rent bump and an increase in revenue. Schemel Companies is the renovation company that can perform full-scale interior renovations one room at a time, so there’s no need to relocate. READ MORE.

Exterior renovations and repairs

Over time, doors fall off their hinges, siding becomes loose and driveways crack. The multi-trade experts at Schemel Companies can perform any and all exterior renovations your facility might need without having to subcontract anything. READ MORE.

Environmental remediation

As an apartment building owner, the presence of mold, asbestos or lead should be of great concern. We can safely remove these materials without vacating your building. READ MORE.

Fire and water damage repairs

You can’t plan for water or fire damage, but you should choose a renovation contractor with a proven track record of providing restoration services quickly and completely. Learn about our unity-by-unit process which can restore the structural integrity of your facility. READ MORE.



A typical day on a Schemel Companies job site

A typical day on the job site looks like this: We start assembling materials early in the morning, long before any tenants wake up. We then strategically load our trucks in reverse order, so that the materials we need at the beginning of the day are at the front of the trailer.

Next, we drive to your building to start the work day. The tenants, who have personally been notified of when we will be working on their unit, will leave their apartment whenever they wake up—whether it’s 7 a.m. or 9 a.m. We will conduct the necessary renovations in assembly line fashion: one crew member might rip out all the tiles, while another crew member lays all the new tiles.

After the workday is over, our superintendent will walk through each renovated apartment to conduct a quality control check. We set high standards for quality to ensure your satisfaction.

We also encourage you to walk through each unit to verify our work. Our end goal is your satisfaction, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure you work is up to your standards.


High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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