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ADA Modifications

What building owners need to know about ADA compliance regulations

If you own a public building, you need to care about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.

Here’s why. And what you can do to become compliant with help from Schemel Companies, an experienced ADA contractor.

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A brief history

The aim of the ADA is to prohibit discrimination based on disability. It includes both social policy, as well as accessibility laws imposed on all public accommodations ranging from laundromats to hotels to schools and hospitals.

Basically, ADA compliance affects all facilities where persons of disability could reasonably expect to be accommodated.

All public buildings constructed after the ADA was enacted in 1990 must be compliant. Buildings built prior must remove barriers if ”readily achievable and easily accomplished without much difficulty or expense.”

Of course, what is ”readily achievable” for a multi-billion dollar corporation might not be achievable for a small mom-and-pop shop. As such, ADA compliance is often evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account both the cost of the requested fix, as well as the size and capability of the business.

The ADA is a long and varied law, with rules and regulations regarding everything from the width of handicapped-accessible parking spots to the height of ADA kitchen sinks to the width of doors as specified in ADA restroom requirements.

If you own a public facility, you need to care about ADA compliance.

We can help without taking your building offline.

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What does it mean to be ADA compliant?

It’s best to work with an experienced ADA contractor when it comes to achieving compliance for your facility, no matter whether you’re trying to build an ADA compliant bathroom or an ADA compliant kitchen. There are, however, certain things to know when planning to modify your building for ADA compliance.

Apartment buildings, for example, need only make the public areas (i.e., lobbies, communal ADA compliant bathrooms, ADA compliant kitchens), but don’t necessarily need to make modifications to the tenants’ dwelling areas, except by request. Multi-family building owners do need to make requested modifications, though, if they are ”readily achievable.” Or, if the modifications are an undue burden, they must place the tenant in question first on a waiting list for a more accessible apartment.

Buildings like hospitals, schools and malls must abide by compliance in almost all cases. And, although most buildings don’t require an elevator except where their height exceeds three stories, malls and airports must have them regardless.

The experienced ADA contractors at Schemel Companies can give you further direction as to what modifications you need to make to achieve compliance. For a complete ADA compliance checklist, click here.

If, for example, you don’t have ADA compliant bathrooms, Schemel Companies would be able to reconfigure your restrooms per ADA restroom requirements without having to close your business for even one day. Our signature assembly line building process allows us to perform renovations more quickly than other contractors and pass the savings along to you.

If you need to get your building up to ADA standards, Schemel Companies can help by making major modifications without having to take your building offline.

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