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Bathroom Remodel

High quality, low price residential and commercial bathroom remodels

Here’s how our residential and commercial bathroom remodels work. We work directly with you to plan and design your apartment buildings’ bathroom remodel to meet your needs. When your tenant leaves in the morning, our team will get to work. By the time they return, their new bathroom—toilets, showers, vanities, electrical and all—will be ready to use.

That’s what it’s like to work with Schemel Companies.

Other bathroom remodeling contractors will take weeks, months—or even years—to complete a large-scale bathroom remodel. They have to contract out plumbers, electricians, tile layers and constructors. Sometimes it will be weeks between when the plumber leaves and when the electrician arrives. All while you aren’t making any money from rent.

In most cases, we’ll be done with your bathroom renovation by the end of the day.

Sound like your type of timeline?

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Our process is different. It’s almost like an assembly line—efficient, quick and, most importantly, cost-effective. All Schemel Companies employees are certified in more than one trade. The same guy who installs your plumbing will lay your tile. The same person who installs your bathtub will do all the electrical work. This cuts down on labor costs and wasted time.

Plus, because we’re quick, we can renovate entire apartment buildings without ever displacing your tenants meaning you can maintain that revenue stream. We always personally deliver notices to tenants a week and 48 hours before any work is performed on their unit, and answer any questions they might have. Taking care of your tenants is of utmost importance to us.

Our residential and commercial bathroom remodel process is quicker and more cost-effective. What’s more, you’ll still be making money from rent throughout the whole process.

Here are some of the commercial and residential bathroom remodel services we offer

Each Schemel Companies employee is trained in more than one trade. This means we can renovate several units’ bathrooms in just one day. In a week, we can have the vast majority of your apartments’ buildings renovations completed.

Here’s what you can expect with a Schemel Companies commercial or residential bathroom remodel:

Demolition and removal

We will quickly remove any old toilets, vanities, showers and tubs, and demolish any walls. Then, after cleanup, we will resume with the bathroom renovation.

Tile-laying, electrical and plumbing work

No waiting around for the electrician. And then the plumber. And then the tile-layer. Our team has experience in every facet of renovating and remodeling, so we are able to renovate several bathrooms in just one day.

We have plenty of experience in electrical, plumbing and flooring, so you can be sure that your newly renovated bathroom will be able to withstand the humidity, traffic and wear and tear common to apartment bathrooms. Plus, our team is able to perform on-site adjustments to the plan, such as replacing a rotting shower subfloor.

Toilets, showers, cabinets and more

Once the groundwork has been laid—the flooring, plumbing and electrical—our team will begin to install the new toilets, showers and cabinets.

This requires precision—we have to align showers with drains and cabinets with outlets. We’ve done many large-scale bathroom remodels, and we’d love to remodel your bathroom, too.

Need to update your apartment building? We work quickly without displacing your tenants.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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