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Window and door contractor services for occupied apartment buildings

Commercial doors, windows and siding have an immense impact on the overall energy efficiency of your apartment building. This is why, at Schemel Companies, we put a great deal of thought into which materials we choose, performing a cost-benefit analysis of each material option.

And because each of our crewmembers is trained and certified in multiple trades, we have door and window contractors in house. This means we don’t have to waste your time and money by hiring subcontractors.

What’s more, we have a unique process which allows us to perform all window, door and siding installations while your building is occupied, providing you the opportunity to collect rent throughout the duration of any Schemel Companies renovation project.

Improve your building’s energy efficiency without displacing your tenants.

The tenant leaves in the morning. We replace their doors and windows. They can return by evening.

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Choosing the right commercial windows for your apartment building

When it comes to working with your window contractor to select your commercial windows, energy efficiency and quality should be your chief concerns. We’ll work with you to navigate through your many options, drawing on recommendations made by industry authorities such as the National Fenestration Ratings Council. We’ll guide you toward the most cost-effective solution for your building, whether it’s completely new window installations or just re-caulking the seams.

Perhaps you’d like to provide plenty of natural light in each unit while simultaneously maximizing the rooms’ insulation for lower heating and cooling bills. Our window contractors will likely guide you toward windows with a high visible transmittance rating, which measures how much light the pane lets in, and a low solar heat gain coefficient, which measures how much heat is let in by the pane. Then they will help you decide between fixed, single-hung or double-hung windows based on your price range and ventilation needs.

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The value of an experienced door contractor

Doors provide everything from security to accessibility to aesthetic appeal to energy efficiency. It is, therefore, important to make sure your doors function properly.

Something as simple as an automatic commercial door closer on your building's front door can cut down on your heating and cooling bill. On interior doors, it’s important that the doors are easy to open, sturdy and the locks perform their protective duty.

If your doors need attention, we can help. We’ll find the most cost-effective solution to your problem, whether it’s simply installing new hinges or a whole new door. Plus, our multi-trade experts know how to measure the jamb, level the sill and insulate the door for residential and commercial doors alike.

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Siding protects against the elements and temperature changes

Keeping your siding in tip-top provides both thermal resistance and water damage.
Every apartment building is different. As a result, our team works hard to stay up-to-date on installation best practices for every variety of siding you might need, from vinyl to seamless to James Hardie to metal siding. Or, if you have a brick building, we can provide tuckpointing and other masonry services.

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