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Exterior Renovations

The exterior renovation contractors for all your apartment building needs

The outside of your apartment building is the first thing prospective tenants see. To enhance your building’s curb appeal, exterior renovations are a good place to start. Most exterior remodeling contractors, however, specialize only in siding and paving.

Schemel Companies is different: Each of our employees is trained in multiple trades, meaning that the same person who paves your driveway can install your kitchen cabinets.

Since each of our team members is able to perform a myriad of interior and exterior renovation tasks, we are able to divide the work evenly amongst our team. This allows us to use an assembly line approach to exterior remodeling—one guy rips the old siding off all day with another team member installing the new siding. This cuts down on labor costs, a savings we pass along to you.

We can perform all your exterior and interior renovation needs without displacing your tenants.
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Large-scale exterior remodeling for doors, windows and siding

Doors, windows and siding are intended to protect your building from the elements and from extreme temperatures. If installed correctly, windows and doors can also increase the overall security of your facility, which will ease the mind of your tenants.

The exterior renovation experts at Schemel Companies can help you decide which configuration—metal, vinyl or wood—you should choose for your doors, windows or siding. We can also help you solve your security problems through proper door hardware, as well as provide natural light through windows with high visible transmittance ratings.

By working with our team you can improve your building’s energy efficiency without displacing your tenants.

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Exterior renovations for concrete driveways, parking lots and patios

Schemel Companies has the capability to design and execute custom concrete driveways, patios and walkways. We can modify the design depending on your aesthetic and functional needs.

Perhaps, for example, you’d like to make an accessible walkway in compliance with ADA rules and regulations. Or maybe you’d just like to enhance the curb appeal of your building. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to develop a concrete walkway that exceeds your expectations.

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