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Fire / Water Damage

The water and fire damage restoration company that won’t take your building offline

Widespread water and fire damage happens quickly and without notice, especially in large apartment complexes. In some cases, serious water damage can occur due to the carelessness of just one resident. In others, a small leak can, over time, develop into water damage throughout multiple units.

Schemel Companies’s water and fire damage restoration experts are here to help when disaster strikes. And, because we know that you can’t always plan for when you’ll need emergency fire or water damage repairs, we have developed a unit-by-unit process by which we can conduct the necessary restoration services without displacing your tenants.

Plus, our multi-talented team can perform any other interior renovations at the same time. Very few—if any—other water or fire damage restoration companies can claim that.

You can’t plan for fire or water damage.

We’ll take care of it quickly without displacing your tenants.

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Water damage repair and restoration

Water damage is a risk to both the structural integrity of your apartment complex and the health of your tenants.

Structurally speaking, there are four classes of water damage, with Class 4 water damage being the worst. Often, more serious water damage is characterized by a fast of evaporation, which in turn increases the humidity of the room and the saturation of the surrounding ceilings and walls. The high rate of evaporation can also mask the severity of the problem, as it is less visible, leaving the water more time to develop into wood rot and corrosion of structural steel.

As water sits—or ponds—it can become contaminated, posing a serious health risk to your patients. Water leaks from faucets or dishwashers are usually relatively easy to spot, and therefore easier to catch. However, ”black water”—the most unsanitary classification of water—usually stems from sewer backup or flooding. Left sitting, it will support bacterial growth and spread illness throughout your facility.

It is imperative that you call a water damage repair expert the moment you become privy to any type of water damage. That way, we can fix the problem before it develops any further.

The fire damage restoration experts

There is no planning for fire damage. Once a fire starts, it is hard to stop, and is bound to cause structural damage of some sort. The damage is often great.

Fire burns through framing, drywall and everything else in its path. The Schemel Companies team is multi-talented and can repair all the damage in one fell swoop—more than you could expect from other fire restoration companies. And after the fire is done, smoke damage lingers. Professional ozone treatments are often the only way to get rid of the smell and back to normal.

Schemel Companies’s multi-trade experts can get your building back up to code, often without displacing any tenants. To learn more, give us a call.

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