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The residential door contractor who works around your schedule and within your budget

Residential and commercial door replacements are an integral part of any large-scale apartment building renovation. 

Attention to detail matters. If your residential or commercial door contractor installs your doors incorrectly, they will not provide their intended energy efficiency, aesthetic and, most importantly, security benefits.

Efficiency is also important. Run-of-the-mill residential and commercial door contractors often lack efficiency, requiring you to displace your tenants during the replacement process. Schemel Companies specializes in both efficiency and experience. Our unique assembly line process allows us to work around your tenants.

We plan the commercial or residential door repair process to a tee so that our team can start in the morning and be done with a unit by evening. And, because we focus on open communication with both you—the building manager—and your tenants, our quick, non-invasive process works seamlessly.

We start work on a unit in the morning when your residents wake up. They’re home by evening.

And you thought all contractors were built equally.

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Need a large-scale renovation of your apartment building, but don’t want to lose your rent revenue stream? Check out what we can do here.

Here is why commercial and residential door repair and replacement services that will go a long way toward modernizing your building:

Residential and commercial door hinge repair

Over time, screws and hinges can wear out, letting the door fall out of place. Sometimes the door can even pull the particle board or wood jamb out with it. In some cases, a new set of screws will solve the problem. Other times, we’ll have to completely replace the hinges.

The experienced Schemel Companies team will help you evaluate your doors to see what repairs make the most sense for your building.

Commercial and residential door replacement

Door replacement begins with one of our team members removing the apartment unit’s door. Then they will measure the jamb, level the sill and insulate the doorway. Our team will replace each unit’s door quickly with our signature assembly line process, saving you money on labor costs and allowing you to maintain your rent revenue stream.

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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