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Interior Renovations

We provide quicker, cheaper, more thorough interior apartment home remodeling. Here’s how.

The traditional renovation process requires you to vacate your home or business for months—and sometimes years—while the contractor does the necessary interior apartment home remodel.

Schemel Companies has completely revamped the apartment home improvement and remodel process.

We know that relocating your tenants and employees isn’t always an option. It’s why we work around your schedule, and the schedules of your tenants or employees, throughout your apartment home’s improvement and remodel.

Here’s how occupied renovations work: Our team starts in the morning after your tenants wake up. Then we work on the demolition together before delegating the remaining tasks. One team member might spend his day ripping out old cabinets, while another team member comes in right behind him, installing the new ones.

We perform full-scale renovations one room at a time, so there’s no need to relocate.

Our signature assembly line process allows us to be quicker, cheaper and more thorough.

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Our assembly process streamlines your entire interior apartment home remodeling project, which cuts down on labor costs. We then pass the savings along to you.

Each of our employees is certified and trained in multiple trades, making the Schemel Companies team extremely versatile in commercial and residential apartment home interior remodeling services. This is why our small teams can accomplish large-scale projects. And we can stay on schedule—a six-member crew renovated 50 apartment kitchens in just two weeks.

Here are some of the home improvement and remodel services we provide for apartment buildings:

Kitchen remodels

We’re the multi-family cabinet installers, kitchen remodelers and renovation experts you need to call. We make it easy to afford otherwise pricey large-scale renovations. READ MORE

Bathroom remodels

Here’s how our apartment building bathroom remodels work. Your tenants leave in the morning and by the time evening comes, their new bathroom is ready to use. READ MORE

Flooring installations

Not all flooring contractors are created equally. If you work with Schemel Companies, we can replace several apartments’ floors in just one day. READ MORE

Plumbing and electrical services

We can complete your apartment building’s renovations with zero downtime between when the apartment building electrician finishes and the plumbing contractor arrives. READ MORE

Heating and cooling services

Schemel Companies can update, repair or maintain your apartment building’s heating and cooling. And your tenants don’t have to relocate for even one day. READ MORE

Door repair and installation

Apartment unit door replacements are an integral part of any large-scale apartment building renovation. Learn what to look for when choosing a large scale door contractor. READ MORE

Large-scale apartment building painting

You need a painting contractor with the experience paint your entire apartment complex while it’s occupied. Schemel Companies can help. READ MORE

ADA modifications for public buildings

If you own a public building, you need to care about ADA compliance. Learn why. And how an ADA contractor can help. READ MORE

High-quality renovations. Less time. Less money.

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