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Large-scale commercial and residential painting services

Traditionally, your entire multi-family building—or, for apartment turnover, the unit in question—must be taken off line in order to re-paint or restore. This means a significant loss of income during the commercial painting contractors’ project.

Schemel Companies’s signature assembly line approach to occupied renovations allows you to keep collecting rent throughout the process. We work around your tenants’ schedule—our team of professional commercial painters starts in the morning after your residents wake up, and are usually done by evening. Of course, open communication goes a long way toward keeping you—and your tenants—happy throughout the entire commercial painting process.

Schemel Companies’s unique process allows you to keep your building occupied throughout the entire renovation process. To read how our process cuts labor costs and passes those savings along to you, click here.

You need to maintain rent revenue.

Our expert team carefully plans the painting process so your building can stay online.

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Here are some of the services our team of professional painters can provide:

Enhancing aesthetic appeal with residential and commercial painting contractors

The paint color of a room sets the tone. A loud burgundy tone tells an entirely different story than a subtle ivory. If you’re looking to modernize an entire paint job, the walls are a good place to start.

Our team of professional painters will work with you to create apartment units that impress potential residents.

Lead abatement residential painting contractor

Lead abatement is especially important for buildings built before 1978. There are many lead abatement procedures we can perform, depending on your building’s needs, as well as your budget. We can guide you toward the best method for your apartment or commercial building.

Both the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA have stringent guidelines for residential painting contractors performing lead abatement in residential buildings for the safety of workers and occupants. Safety is, of course, top-of-mind for the Schemel Companies team, and we abide by all safety rules and best practices.

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