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Concrete Walks/Pads/Drives

Concrete patios, driveways and parking lots for apartment buildings

Driveways, parking lots and patios are some of the first things prospective tenants see. Expertly designed concrete driveways and patios attract potential residents. Cracked or stained driveways, patios and parking lots not only look unsightly and run-down, but can actually be unsafe or inaccessible for your tenants. If you’re looking to update or modernize your apartment building, your driveways and parking lots are a good place to start.

There are many driveway and patio options to choose from, but at Schemel Companies, we’re strong believers that poured concrete patios, driveways walkways and parking lots are the most cost-effective choice for strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Plus, at Schemel Companies, we specialize in large-scale apartment renovations of any kind, meaning we can install your concrete driveway, patio or parking lot at the same time as we remodel your kitchens (link to kitchen remodel) or update your parking lot striping to comply with ADA parking requirements. And our unique assembly line process allows us to perform all necessary repairs and upgrades without having to displace your tenants.

The right concrete driveways and patios make your facility safer and more accessible for your residents.

We’ll complete all your exterior renovation needs without displacing tenants.

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Factors affecting concrete patio and driveway cost

The easiest way to build a concrete driveway or patio is by adjoining several concrete ”pads,” or slabs, to form the larger structure. The size of the concrete patio or driveway, as well as the grade of concrete you choose are the biggest factors affecting concrete driveway and patio cost.

To install your concrete patio or driveway, the Schemel Companies team will begin by framing the first pad with wooden formboards, ensuring the boards are straight and level with the use of a string and a builder’s level.

Before pouring the concrete, we will add a layer of crushed stones into the bottom of the frame to promote proper drainage and minimize the risk of cracks in the finished concrete patio or driveway. Finally, we will pour the concrete and smooth the surface using a float.

How to comply with ADA parking requirements through proper parking lot striping

ADA parking requirements should be taken seriously while designing any apartment building parking lot. At Schemel Companies, we specialize in renovating apartment buildings per ADA requirements without displacing tenants.

Buildings built after 1990—when the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted—must be designed from the ground up to promote accessibility. Apartment buildings built before 1990 must remove barriers where ”readily achievable and easily accomplished without much difficulty or expense.”

Sometimes, ADA compliance is as simple as reworking the parking lot striping to include the right number of van and standard handicap-accessible spots. ADA parking requirements provide that standard handicap spots must be 8-feet wide with an adjacent 5-foot accessibility aisle while van-accessible parking spots must be 11-feet wide with a 5-foot accessibility aisle. Accessibility aisles must be clearly marked. There must be at least 1 standard handicapped spot for every 25 parking spots, and at least 1 van-accessible spot for every 6 handicap-accessible spots. Other times, achieving ADA compliance requires pouring fresh concrete to create accessible routes using ADA compliant curbs, gutters and spacing.

Regardless of your particular situation, we can work with you to achieve compliance with ADA parking requirements for your apartment building. These fixes are easily achievable by simply re-painting your parking lot.

Once the installation is done per code and per design, our job site superintendent will walk through to ensure the quality of the concrete patio, driveway or parking lot system. We also welcome your inspection, as well as the inspection of your engineer, architect or property manager. At the end of the day, we aim for our work to not only meet, but exceed, your standards of quality.

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