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Starting in Missouri, we serve an ever-widening area

When it’s time to find a contractor, it’s important to know who you’re working with. Schemel Companies combines the quality of a national contracting group with the personalized attention of a local company. Our roots are in the small town farmlands of Southeast Missouri, but our renovation work has taken us all over the country. Our reputation and our quality of work have lead us to conduct environmental remediation and renovation of multi-family housing in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.


We are proud of the reputation we have and the distance it has traveled.  And adding new states is not a problem for us. Our team is invested in the continued expansion of our service area, and we are willing to work in your state. In addition to remodeling or renovating, we are bonded and insured; and currently certified to handle asbestos and lead abatement in Missouri and Illinois. However, we are willing and able to obtain any necessary licenses, certification or authorization to conduct work in your state.


Whatever your project, we will get all of the necessary information to make sure we can get the job done well and on time. Being out of town does not stop us from living up to the quality renovation and efficient timelines that sets Schemel Companies apart. We’ll come equipped with everything we need and we won’t leave until the job is done.

If you have a project you’d like to start with us, or for more information on our current business license, agency certifications, bonding, and insurance coverage, please contact us.


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